Running, Biking, Swimming and Ankle Fractures?!

           Yesterday started out as a perfect day of triathlon training.  I ran 5 miles, swam 1000 yards, biked 16 miles and ended the day with a fractured ankle.  I wish I could say that I fractured my ankle by twisting it while I was running, or that I fell off my bike as I was swerving to avoid hitting the cute family of deer that was playing by the river.  Instead, the truth is – I fell going UP the stairs. Yes, I was going UP. I was literally on the first step when I lost my balance, rolled my ankle, and fell the catastrophic 10 inches back to the ground.


A morning trip to urgent care and x-rays showed a fracture in my lateral malleolus.  I spent the morning in the same spot (same urgent care and even same exam room) I did last January when my pancreas drama started.  As I was laying there waiting to hear if I was going to be out of training for weeks, or months, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander back 14 months.  I think a healthy dose of perspective can often be the key to staying positive when life isn’t going exactly the way we want.  In the grand scheme of things, a fractured ankle isn’t that bad and it could always be worse.  A few weeks off of training isn’t going to squash my Ironman dreams.  So, I’ll just be over here avoiding stairs and enjoying guilt free TV and Netflix binges over the next few days.



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